For an overview of how to add and manage groups on PECE, please see the following YouTube video.

Steps to Create Group

  1. Navigate to ‘Dashboard’. This link is listed in the main menu.

  2. Select to add a group. You will be directed to a web form to create your group.

  3. Enter the relevant fields (see Field glossary for explanation).

  4. Note that in order to create a group as a child of another group, you should select the Parent Group in the Group Audience field.

  5. Save the group. You are now the group administrator.

Steps to Join a Group

  1. Navigate to ‘Collaborate’. This tab is listed on the main menu bar. Here, you will find all of the open groups.

  2. Navigate by clicking through the arrows on the bottom of the pages, or by searching if you know the name of the group.

  3. Once you locate the group, click on the link to navigate to the group page.

  4. Click ‘Subscribe to group’ on the right hand of the screen. The group administrator will have to approve your request before you are considered a member of a group, and this may take some time. Once you are listed as a member, you should be able to begin associating content with a group.

Steps to Manage Group Memberships

  1. If you created a group or have been appointed as an administrator of a group, navigate to the group’s page from your dashboard or from the “Collaborate” link.

  2. Click on the Group tab in the edit menu. (You will not see this tab if you are not a group owner.)

  3. Select the link ‘People.’ Here you can see a list of site users that have requested to join the group or that have already been approved. If a user has been approved, their State will be listed as "Active"; otherwise, their State will be listed as "Pending".

Approving a Group Member

  1. To approve a group membership for a Pending user, click edit at the end of the row with their username.

  2. Change their membership Status to "Active".

  3. Select group user roles for the user.

  4. Click "Update Membership".

Changing a Group Member's roles

  1. To change a group member's role, click edit at the end of the row with their username.

  2. Select a new group user role for the user.

  3. Click "Update Membership".

Deleting a Group Member

  1. To delete a group member, click remove at the end of the row with the user's username.

  2. Click "Remove".

Adding Artifacts to Groups

  1. Follow instructions to add an artifact, and designate the Group Audience to which you would like the group added.

Adding Artifacts Other Users Created to Groups

  1. Navigate to the content you’d like to add to a group.

  2. Click on the “Edit Group Audience” tab.

  3. Select the group to which you would like to add the content.

  4. Save the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve requested membership to a group, but I cannot add to it, and it is not listed in my Dashboard. What is going on?

Currently when you request membership to a group, the button on the group page changes to read “Unsubscribe from Group” even though you have not yet been approved by the group admin as a group member. If you requested membership to a group and cannot add to it, you likely have not yet been approved. You should contact to the group administrator, which will soon be listed on the group page.

What do the different group membership roles mean?

Administrators can manage groups as described above. There is no difference between a researcher and a contributor in a group.

I’m trying to approve a user’s request to join a group, and I keep getting an error. What’s going on?

This is a bug that has happened to a few group managers over the past couple of months. We don’t quite know what is going on. However, if this keeps happening, delete the user’s request to join the group and then add the user manually by navigating to the group page, clicking on the group tab, and then clicking the “Add People” link.

How do I add content to multiple groups?

Follow the same protocol for adding content, but when selecting “group audience” select multiple groups by holding the “ctrl” key and clicking as many groups as you would like to associate the content to. Users may associate (or unassociate) content with groups at any time. Note that when adding content to multiple groups, the group content visibility field will be applied to all of the groups that the content is associated with. There is no way to override this.

How do I make a group a sub-group of another group?

Navigate to ‘Dashboard’. This link is listed in the main menu. Select the ‘group” link under “Add Content.” Follow the steps to create a group. Under the “Group Audience” field, select the group that you would like to be the parent of this sub-group. Save the group.

I’ve made a new group a sub-group of an existing group? Why is the content in the sub-group not appearing in the parent group?

Sub-groups are simply pointers to parent groups. Parent groups do not adopt the content of their sub-groups. This feature simply lets users know that there is a hierarchical relationship between the groups.