The Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) is open source (Drupal-based) software supporting virtual research environments for cultural anthropologists, historians, cultural heritage scholars, and other researchers working with diverse data, including extensive unstructured data, largely through interpretive methods. Designed to support the workflows, data types and interpretive modalities particular to these scholars in what we call the “empirical humanities,” it also provides a platform for deeply interdisciplinary collaboration with transnational scope. PECE provides space to archive and curate data, facilitates collaborative analysis of data, and enables diverse modes of visualization, scholarly communication, and peer review.

There are now many instances of PECE, supporting diverse research communities and projects. Work on the following instances of PECE informs our on-going software development: The Asthma Files | The Energy Vulnerability Project | The Disaster STS Network | Center for Ethnography | STS Infrastructures | Research Data Share | World PECE |

Overview of this Documentation

In User's Guide, you will find documentation on how to use PECE, including many frequently asked questions and helpful resources.

In Site Admin's Guide, you will find documentation for site administrator's regarding the configuration of the site theme, user registrations approvals, and the customization of front page material.

In System Admin's Guide, you will find documentation for system administrator's regarding the installation of PECE and the configuration of PECE's backend.

In Resources, you will find links to many useful documents such as PECE licensing, terms of service templates, governance guides, and contributed style guides.

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Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features

Please check our our GitHub issue page to see if the request has already been made.

Bugs and requests can be reported to here. The progress of your request can be tracked on our GitHub issue page.

PECE Governance and Contacts

For PECE as a research project, please contact Kim Fortun and Mike Fortun.

For PECE installation, please contact Brian Callahan.

For PECE architecture and usability, please contact Lindsay Poirier.

For account registration, please contact site administrator:

World PECE, The Asthma Files, Disaster STS Network

Contact: PECE Tech Team