PECE Site Administration

How do I add a logo and change site colors?

Go to “Administration » Appearance » Settings » PECE Scholarly Lite. Under the heading, Logo image settings, uncheck the box to use the default logo. Choose a file to upload as the logo. To change site colors, scroll down on this page to the heading “MtT Settings.” Click the “Look’n’Feel” link. Check the box to use a Custom Color Scheme. Select a Primary color (header and icons), Secondary color (links), and Tertiary color (color to appear on hover in main navigation). Click “Save Configuration.”

How do I approve user memberships?

While logged-in as an administrator, navigate to /admin/people. Select ‘edit’ next to the user you wish to approve. Change the user status to ‘Active’ and select the appropriate User Roles. Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

How do I add front page image sliders?

While logged-in as an administrator, navigate to ‘Dashboard’. Under the ‘Add Content’ heading, select front page slider. Fill in the relevant fields and Save. Note that all images will be scaled and cropped to 960x460 pixels.

How do I add About text?

While logged-in as an administrator, navigate to [SITE URL]/node/add/pece-about-page. Enter a title (which won't appear on the page), and in the body, enter the site's about text. Click Publish. This will appear when users click on the About link in the main navigation, and a snippet of the text will appear on the front page below the image sliders.

While logged-in as an administrator, navigate to the home page. Scroll down to the "Featured Essay" block, and click "Edit Featured Essay." Select a Featured Essay, in the Featured Essay field, and then click "Save."

How do I translate PECE admin interface and specific sentences or words into a different language?

How do I download a language pack and setup website default language?

While logged-in as an administrator, navigate to [SITE URL]/admin/config/regional/language/add. Select the preferred language on ´Language Name´ select box. Click ´Add language´ and wait the new Language to be downloaded (it might take a while). On Languages page [SITE URL]/admin/config/regional/language/, update website default language by selecting the corresponding radio button on ´Default´ column. Click Save Configuration.

How do I translate a missing sentence or word of a language pack?

While logged-in as an administrator, navigate to [SITE URL]/admin/config/regional/translate/translate. Enter the word to be translated on ´String contains´ text input and click ´filter´. Find the correct sentence to be translated on the result list and click ´edit´. Enter the translated word/sentence on the text box under the language name and click ´Save translations´.

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