User roles

There are three user roles in the system, which the site administrator distributes when users request an account on the platform.

Anonymous users can visit the site and can see any content that has been designated as public.

Contributors can login to the site, manage a profile, join groups, and contribute content to the site. They have access to content that has been designated as public or their own content that they’ve designated as private.

Researchers are typically those individuals on a project that have been IRB-approved to view collaborative research materials. Researchers have all of the same capabilities as a contributor, except that they can also view content that has been designated as Restricted.

Administrators can approve user registrations and configure the site theme. Administrators have access to edit any artifact on the platform.

Content Permissions

There are three permissions which can be applied to content that is created on the platform. Designating content permissions determines which site visitors and users will be able to view content.

Content designated as Open can be seen by any of the platform’s site visitors unless the content has been given special group content restrictions.

Content designated as Restricted can be seen only by the platform users that have been designated as Researchers (See User Roles).

Content designated as Private can only be seen by the content’s creator.

Group permissions

Any group that is created on the platform can either be public or private. These permissions are selected when creating a group.

Public groups will be accessible by any platform visitor. Additionally, all content associated with a public group will be public to the platform by default.

Private groups will be accessible only to group members. When not logged-in, private groups will not be listed anywhere on the platform and cannot be searched for. All content associated with a private group will be private to the group members by default.

Group content permission settings can be overridden using the group content visibility setting when creating content on the platform.

Group content permissions

When creating a piece of content, you can use the group content permissions field to override the group’s default content permissions. This means that you can designate content that has been associated with a private group as “public” or content that has been associated with a public group as “private.”

Overview - Who will see my content?